Chilicum - Welcome in the world of taste orgy!

Chilicum is a family run company where we all work to make our dream true, that is to offer you not only the classical but revolutionary, new flavours.

We don’t only grow the 12 different types of chilli peppers ourselves, but also all the ingredients that we use to make the sauces, including tomatoes, garlic or sweet potatoes.

We apply integrated farming, where organic solutions are given absolute priority. While cultivating and protecting the plants, soil bacteria, algae extract and biological plant protection solutions help us to process high quality and healthy crops for you.

Only the highest quality materials are used for the sauces, so every product is made with Himalayan salt, biologically fermented vinegar and the clearest water, Pi Water. We believe in the power of nature so we use a wide range of herbs to offer you not only tasty but also healthy handmade products.



Approx. 2.800.000 SHU!!! Concentrated chili sauce made with a special process. Only try it at your own risk!


Chilisauce for the brave.The hottest chili peppers of the world have been blended with Sake, the national drink of the Japanese. This intensive and long-lasting experience is only recommended for hardy chili lovers. A perfect match for your hamburger, pizza or even stew or soup. Just please proceed with caution as it is unforgiving.


A REAL FIERY VITAMIN BOMB! Are you looking for a special dip sauce for roast meat? You have found it. This slightly hot sauce is recommended to accompany grilled and roast meat. Habanero and apricot makes it fruity, buckthorn makes it sour. Not only is it really delicious but also extremely healthy.


The first chili sauce with marijuana. Despite its name it is completely legal, as it is made with CBD hemp, which does not contain any prohibited drug. Due to rare varieties of chili peppers and hemp it has a unique flavor. Nice as a dip for roast meat or on sandwiches. A must-try.


Have a bite of a piquant rosé! Our piquant wine jelly made of Pinot noir rosé can be used with cheese, game or sweets but a great snack on its own, too. A really great mixture of flavours.


Paralyzes your tongue! Orange habanero and trinidad scorpion are a perfect fit into this garlic, onion and tomato sauce. Excellent with your morning scrambled eggs, sandwiches and street food. Only your fantasy may limit its use, but proseed with care as it is really HOT!


The sauce of Cosa Nostra. If you are the fan of Italian cuisine and piquant flavours, Corleone is the sauce for you. Jalapeno and Serrano pepper are just two of the several spices we used to make it. Try it on your pizza or Bolognese sauce or make a really special tomato soup. You will love it.


Bites twice before you even swallow it! An incredible combination of chili and Japanese Wasabi ! Watercress and chili bite in a completely different way, different place and different time. This duality gives you a gastronomical experience you have never had before. Perfect for sandwiches and roast meat but Easter ham would definitely miss it, too.


Aphrodisiac sauce for men. Chilagra, the mixture of Korean ginseng; maca, known as the viagra of the Andes and Muira Puama, also known as ‘fertility tree’ with ginger, cellery and habanero is not only healthy but also special and delicious. Perfect with roast meat and even adds flavour to any soup. Don’t miss it.


The Hungarian chili sauce! Essential for the Sunday bouillon, gulash, stew or fish soup. The mixture of dark Hungarian peppers and ghost chili has its place on every Hungarian table.